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Web-Fed Press

Web-Fed Press

For medium to long print runs - 50,000 copies

and more - a more economical choice is the web press.


Folding Capability

This automated folding capability offers

dramatic savings. Today's web press

output also rival the quality of sheetfed



Fast And Effficient

This type of press uses large, continuous rolls of paper rather

than individual sheets. The rolls are fed through the press at

high speed, making printing fast and efficient. In fact, web

presses can process 40,000 images per hour, as compared to

the 10,000 per hour of a sheetfed press. While with sheetfed

presses, all binding takes place off the press, with web presses

the paper is trimmed to the correct size and folded while still

on press.


Leave A Note

The prices that are shown on Instant Quote are all based on

sheet-fed press. If you have a bulk print job and would like to

use web-fed press, please ask for it in Custom Quote and leave

a note in the Special Requests box.

We will adjust the price for you and will use web-fed press to

print your order.