Date Binding Size Page Count Quantity
Date Binding Size Page Count Quantity
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A refund may occur due to a cancelation of an order or a claim. The refund amount will be credited towards your account which can be used towards a future order.

Claim Results

If there is a claim, we fully consult with the customer, print facility and the freight company and make an agreement and present it afterwards. The settlement may include refunds, reprints, partial refunds, partial reprints, and/or claim refusal. Please note that it may take up to 30 business days to come to a conclusion.

Damage Claim Process

If there's damage to your order, please do the following and send to our CS center via email within 72 hours of receipt:


- Take external and internal pictures of the damaged boxes (please take them so that the tracking # can show per box)


- If there is more than 1 damaged box, please take down all the tracking numbers.


- Count how many boxes and how many copies of the goods were damaged.


- Take thorough pictures of the damage (watermark, ripped corners, bent corners, etc) and lastly lay them all together so show overall damage.


- Sent to our CS Center via email.


If there's damage to your order, please contact us within 72 hours. Please send us If you request a damage claim, please keep the damaged boxes, damaged goods as is and do not throw anything away. Please send our support team detailed pictures and count of the damaged goods. Since damage is considered an obvious loss for the customer, you have the right to be compensated for the loss.

Print Errors & Print Quality

Printing errors should be very objectively identifiable and reasonable when making a claim. There are a variety of reasons for printing errors, such as the file itself, miscommunications between the customer and the print facility, or mistakes at the factory. Print quality is based on subjective judgment and is generally not subject to claims. However, if the printed color is very different from what is intended in the file, you may request a claim due to a printing error, but in some cases the claim may be rejected because of the color variation tolerated by the press. Our professional tech team judges the margin of error fairly and does not favor the customer or the print facility.


In order for a customer to request a claim, there must be proof of actual loss due to printing or shipping results. The reason for the claim must be very specific and clear. If there is not enough evidence, or if the reasons explained are not clear, we may decide to refuse or modify the customer's claim. If the cause of the claim is simply a matter of dissatisfaction with the printed materials or a problem on the tolerance of the printing process, we will immediately reject the claim and forcefully cancel it. For example, if the printed color differs from the color seen on the monitor when you place the order, or if the color is slightly different from the printed result of the previous order, it cannot be the cause of the claim.

Delayed & Incorrect Shipping

You can request a claim if your order has been shipped to a different location than the shipping address you entered when you placed the order. It's difficult to apply for a claim for delayed shipping as it will require objective evidence of damage. It is difficult to justify the amount of damages with a simple claim and we can not quantify the amount that can be compensated for the damages.


For example, if you do not receive the printed material required for an exhibit that is open and scheduled, you can request a claim and we will determine if the claim is reasonable and might discuss the reimbursement with the print facility or shipping company. The reimbursement amount will be based on the amount of the print order (not on the retail price of the goods), delivery delay, and/or shipping.


The print turnaround should not be used to determine delivery delays. Our print quotes are all estimated days and may actually take less time or more depending on the situation. The number of days shown is literally only the expected ETA, so it can be a reference for the determination of the compensation for a claim, but it is not the reason for a claim.

Ocean, LA port arrival

The printed products depart from Korea and arrive at the LA port. After customs have been cleared, the products will be stored at an assigned warehouse in Los Angeles. There is no additional cost besides the amount that appears on the Instant Quote. While the products are at the warehouse, you will be able to pick up the freight him-/herself or have a trucking company pick up the freight at any time. Ships are leaving from Korea twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays. After printing has finished, a waiting period of 3-4 days is needed, and the freight will arrive at the LA port within 10 days after leaving the port in Korea. After arriving at the LA port, customs clearance takes about 3-4 days, and then the freight will be transferred and stored at our warehouse. Therefore, it takes about 17-18 in total from the moment printing finishes until arrival at the LA warehouse. Only if the total weight of the printed products exceeds 8,000 kg (17,600 lbs), the entire time period will be expedited to 13-14 days.


If 'ocean, LA port arrival' is the preferred shipping option, you have to consider carefully until when to upload your files to our server.
For example, if you want your order to get on a Sunday ship, printing needs to be finished by Wednesday, and printing needs to get started on the Friday the week before. If you want your freight to get on a Wednesday ship, printing needs to be finished by the previous Saturday, and started by Tuesday.

Ocean freight + Trucking

If you need trucking service, please select trucking when making an order. Trucking service can be added later as well if you are unsure whether you'll need this service.

Why are all your shipping turnaround times approximations?

International logistics can be incredibly complex. Our standard ocean shipments have to travel by sea and clear customs in both Korea and the destination country. Events out of our control such as random customs inspections, weather events, and labor disruptions can throw off even the most carefully planned shipping schedules. Moreover, very rarely, scheduled ocean vessels may get cancelled due to unknown reasons. Therefore, we recommend that you plan ahead of time to avoid any complications.

Can you guarantee a delivery date?

Sadly, we can’t guarantee standard ocean shipments, due to elements out of our control. Random customs inspections, weather events, and national holidays in importing/exporting countries can disrupt project shipping timeline.
Our standard, expedited air shipments are also not guaranteed as there may be random delays. However, it mostly arrives within the ETA.

Change of Delivery / Shipping Address

A change to shipping addresses are allowed before an order has shipped out, but cannot be changed if the order has already shipped. For example, in the case of air shipping, you cannot change the shipping address from the time the order leaves the warehouse until it arrives at the final destination. You may change the address after reclining acceptance of the shipment, but you would be 100% responsible of additional shipping fees. If ocean shipping is used, no change or cancellation is allowed from the moment the order departs our facility.

Tax ID (Air & Ocean)

For any air shipments valued over $2500USD require tax ID to be listed when filing for customs. Therefore, to avoid delayed customs clearance, please list tax ID when making an order. Sometimes, even air shipments valued below $2500 USD can be held for random inspection. So to avoid this, please list tax ID for all orders. Please note that all ocean shipments (regardless of the value) require tax ID.


A refund may occur due to a cancelation of an order or a claim. The refund amount will be credited towards your account which can be used towards a future order.


1. Paypal:

when selecting this payment option, it will directly lead you to payment page.


2. Wire transfer:

After placing your order, you can view the bank account information and payment amount by clicking View Order Details in My Account. Printing will not start until payment has been made. However, if the shipping method is ocean and the shipping amount is to be determined after the order has been placed (e.g. trucking cost), the order will be processed when the payment for the printing amount is completed, Please make sure you send us wire transfer receipt after it has been taken care of to avoid delays.

Which proof type should I select?

Most of our clients select e-proof as it is fast and free of charge. Digital proof will take 1-2 days to print and ship out so please take this into consideration. We will upload a low-res e-proof file to your account within 12 hours (during weekdays) of your file upload.

What is the difference between different proof types?

1. electronic proof (e-proof):

this is the fastest and cost-effective proof type. This begins with file review by our pre-press experts. Once they are print-ready, we'll generate a PDF proof that will allow you to look it over one last time before sending it to press. This is fast and cost-effective but it won't show how your colors will turn out when printed.


2. digital proof:

this is a proof that is printed. When your files are print-ready, we will print the file by using a digital printer. The proof won't be on the final paper stock nor be bound.


3. press proof:

This is a proof that will be printed on the final paper stock. For those who want to see the way their colors will turn out, this is the proof to choose. However, due to its high cost, we do not recommend this.

Direct Mailing

If you require direct mailing service, please let us know exact service you need(e.g. inserting, etc) and upload a full address file. The quotes for direct mailing service will be provided AFTER you've made an order.

Will my order be defect free?

We guarantee that your order will be defect free within a 2% variance. Our quality control team catches most defects before they leave the factory. Also, most orders will actually ship with more copies than ordered. However, giving more copies is not always guaranteed so no complaints can be made about this.

Do you have an artist who can help design my book?

We do not have in-house artist but we can help you to get in touch with a professional who can help. Please email us for more detail.

Order Cancellation:

you can cancel an order at any time but the lost cost will depend on when it is done. If you need to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as you can. At the time of cancellation by the customer's request, all the processes at the print facility are stopped and the print facility calculates the loss amount accordingly. You will be 100% responsible for all losses incurred in the printing process.

What's your return policy?

We aim for 100% client satisfaction. We guarantee that your order will be free of any technical or production errors. If your order has a printing error, please let us know as soon as you can so that we can try to make it right. However, this does not include artwork or content decisions as those are 100% up to the client (typos, low-res images, tight bleed, etc). We do not make up for late shipping as we have no control over shipping process. This is why we recommend you make an order well advanced to your deadline.

File Upload:

If the files won't upload through your account, please send us the files through downloadable link such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. Also, if you are making several revisions, please rename the file each time so that we can avoid confusion.

What is the best file format for submitting a document for printing?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the preferred file format for submitting a document for printing. Please refer to your binding types for more information:


1. saddle-stitched: submit 1 PDF file with the pages in consecutive reading order. It should start with the front cover as page 1, inside front cover as page 2 and proceed from there. The very last page will be your back cover. Please note that page count needs to be multiples of 4.


2. perfect binding: submit 2 PDF files - one cover file and one inside page file. The cover should be as spreads with the inside spine left blank. The inside page file should be in single, consecutive order. Please note that page count needs to be multiples of 2.


3. hardcover: the number of files to be submitted for hardcover book will vary depending on whether you'd like dust jacket, whether there's going to be print on end paper and etc. Please refer to our guideline to see how many files you'd need to upload. The absolute necessary file include covering ,end paper and inside page file. Please note that page count needs to be multiples of 2.


4. Wire binding: submit 1 PDF file with the pages in consecutive reading order. It's the same format as saddle-stitched book. Please note that page count needs to be multiples of 4.

How long does it take to complete my order?

We usually take full 4 business days to complete an order and 2~6 business days for air delivery depending on which service you choose. However, for complex orders, it will take longer than our usual 4 business turnaround. The turnaround time on Instant Quote is based on our sheet-fed press. Also, if the proof confirmation was received after cut-off time, it will be processed the next day. There may be print delays due to holidays or if we find errors to your file after you've confirmed. The best thing is to always plan well in advance and to list your deadline on the order form so that we can take the date into consideration.

Do you guys check over the files before printing?

Although we do check over the files and upload proof files, it's just a complimentary service and we are not obligated to check the files for you. We only check whether the file is good for printing. Therefore, we are not obligated to check every single detail (e.g. tight bleed, centering of the title/spine, etc), Please thoroughly review your files. Please note that we use your original files for press.

How do I get a quote from you?

Simply use our online quote calculator. You can input your project specifications and you'll be able to check out our pricing right on the spot! You can also request a custom quote through our website for further assistance or if you require special needs.

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