Date Binding Size Page Count Quantity
Date Binding Size Page Count Quantity

LOGISTICS Air Shipping

Printsquare partners with FedEx and UPS to offer door-to-door and on-time delivery.
Under an agreement for the lowest possible cost of air shipping, Printsquare does not make any profits from its customers.
We offer Express and Expedited shipping services.

Ocean Shipping

Choose ocean shipping if the weight is too heavy or if you have enough time.
Ocean shipping does not guarantee on-time delivery so it¡ ̄s recommended that you order with sufficient time.
Sometimes, delivery is delayed due to weather or unseen circumstances in customs clearance in the US.
If there is a delay in ocean shipping, there is nothing Printsquare can do and therefore, we have no liability for any problems
caused by the delay.
When ocean shipping is selected, the shipment will depart Korea¡ ̄s BUSAN port and will arrive at LA port, USA.
Then it will go through customs clearance and depending on your selection, it will be delivered door-to-door by trucking.

2-Day Delivery

Two day delivery is available for most regions in the US.
For example, if shipping is started on Monday Korean time (Sunday night, US time), you can receive it on Tuesday, US time.
If you need to receive on Saturday, please make a request

Split Shipping

You can request split shipping up to 10 destinations.
Please enter each delivery information and quantity for each delivery address when ordering.
We deliver by air or ocean.

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